Lou’s News


Hi All Well as predicted (forecast right for once) Weather changed and wind turned so were able to get babies out today Had a nice bath flap around the garden & a bit of a sun bathe,(the pigeons not me lol) Hopefully weather will stay […]


Hi All Still far too windy to risk letting birds out,forecast is set to change Monday so will start letting out again. All for now Lou Xxx


Hi All Windy city here today so for safety kept birds in & I had a good old spring clean,took all the perches out put nice new clean ones in washed all walls so all looking as good as new. All for now Lou Xxx

Not the best weather

Didn’t get the birds out today as weather wasn’t great, but all present and correct. All for now Lou Xxx


Hi All Sorry news yesterday did not go on I forgot to click publish lol. All birds out on their times for exercise & at least half the team are winging round for most of their hour & the others up & down so all […]


Hi All All birds out today and flew round the garden,a lot cooler today so a few more exercised and they are starting to batch up so all good. All for now Lou Xxx


Hi All All babies out again today,put a bath out for them to have a splash about is as a very hot day here today. The ones that wanted to fly flew & the others just had a bath and a sunbathe. All for now […]


Hi All Deep clean day today all grills out cleaned underneath all walls washed & FOUR HUNDRED & EIGHT perches washed. I shall be seeing perches in my sleep again tonight lol,all birds kept in the aviaries as usual as weekend race birds tearing through […]


Hi All Birds all out today for exercise & have learnt very quickly this year flying about in batches a few not sure what to do yet lol but will catch on very soon that wings are for flying. All present & correct Lou Xxx


Hi All Weather turned out not as predicted so were able to get babies out. They have clicked very quickly this year & are batching upĀ  and doing what they should .. FLYING ! they have been going so so high I thought they may […]